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How can you know if you're afraid of Committment to Marriage or you're really not right for one another?

Do you start to feel uncomfortable, anxious and/or break off the shidduch or sabatoge the process in a way that causes the other person to end it??

Maybe you're not even aware that "fear" is the catalyst for break-up.  Perhaps you rationalize what happened by finding some justification for the break-up or claiming to "feel" pressure. 

If you recognize any of these issues as familiar, you should consider doing some self-introspection work with a qualified Shidduch Coach or Mentor.  Check out repetitive patterns in your dating history-i.e. do the break-ups happen often at the same stage in the dating process?  Do you avoid emotional intimacy and prefer to relate to her/him on a superficial level?  Do you see a pattern of actions that sabotage the relationship by antagonizing, offending, or scaring the dating partner?

It's time to move on in Joy- Free yourself of old habits.  Start pursuing Purpose in the Shidduch Process and Marriage - then watch your life become Happy.  Let's connect to learn how to overcome unproductive
 thought patterns that lead to feeling fearful, trapped or loss of control.  Download the phone interview  on my Contact Page for more information and feel free to fill out contact information so  you can begin right away to experience a fresh new approach to the next (and hopefully right) shidduch proposal. 

A Happy, Freilichen Purim!!!
Revealed Blessings,

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