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Self Knowledge is a lifetime process and helps you to define your parameters for your lifetime partner.  Ask yourself the following questions in order to help you in the process:

What are your main goals: immediate and long-range?

What are you doing to reach these goals?

What are your five best qualities?  What is your ideal self?  If there were no obstacles in your way, how would you like to be?

What are your five weakest qualities?

What do you consider the main problems in your life? What are you doing about them?

When do you feel most happy?  What motivates you?

When do you feel sad or frustrated?  How do you react to difficult or frustrating situations?  Do you give up or are you motivated to try harder?

To what degree are you a "giver"?  To what degree are you a "taker"?

Do you usually or rarely have peace of mind? Why?

 Would you consider yourself a happy person?  Why?

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