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Me She-nichnas Adar Marbim b'Simchah~!! 

Is there a more auspicious time in the Jewish Calendar to focus on your real Mazal?!? Is there a more joyous time  to strengthen your ability to know and perfect your true "self" and manifest the work of finding your missing half?!?  How can you allow someone into the most vulnerable and hidden places of your heart, trusting that your emotions will be well received?  That is the beauty of a committed relationship! Now's the time to chance it! Why? It's the month of Adar- the month when there's " power" available to access your true blessing, influence and "luck".
Healthy "Mazal" (מזל בריא) is most  available to you starting from today, Rosh Chodesh Adar!! 
On the one hand  it's written that"אין מזל לישראל " ("there is no "mazal" -astrological influences) that affect the Jewish people.  On the other hand the Gemorrah says, healthy "Mazal" (מזל בריא) is most  available starting from today, Rosh Chodesh Adar!! So which is it?!?   True, there is no power of the astrological forces on us-we have the power through prayer and Tshuvah to transform our Reality.   The real Power of Mazal is the Point of  Nothingness (Ayin) in the inner soul..Another understanding of "there is no Mazal among the Jewish people-"Ayn Mazal l'Yisroel"- is  "Ayin" is the Mazal of Israel-that quiet space of surrender when you stop identifying with all the external "stuff"....when you stop  running after the accomplishments, the dependencies on emotional attention, honor, and/or obsessive collecting habits.   Healthy "Mazal" is Knowing Yourself in a true, humble way by transforming the need to "exist" for yourself and bolstering loving relationships with faith and trust. 

 Start transforming yourself now (like in the Purim story) by turning all negativity (thoughts, speech , and action) into Joy!! THINK! before speaking (and/or writing)- Ask yourself:
T=is it True?
=is it Helpful?
I=is it Inspiring?
= is it Necessary?
= is it Kind?

Prepare yourself for communicating in a healthy manner with your future soulmate by increasing in prayer this month and make those quiet moments of "surrender" -inner dialogue-with HaShem count.  Your "soulmate" is out there looking for you.  Be the best half-soul you can possibly be and G-d willing, your efforts will be guided towards each other sooner than you think. Have a wonderfully, joyous month-Good Chodesh!

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